4 to 12 Maths
My 3 kids were fighting to get on the computer last night to do Maths. I think its brilliant - they even missed X-factor to do Maths!

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Curriculum Structure & Alignment

As a teacher in Northern Ireland you will glad to hear that 4to12maths.com is aligned with your curriculum.

Below you can see a table of the key stages (foundation and key stages 1 & 2) and the related years. If you click on the key stage you will see the curriculum for that key stage. If you click on a year in the right hand column you will be shown the 4to12maths.com skills for that year. We have grouped these skills by categories to enable easier usage by you and your pupils.

Go ahead and browse these skills. When you hover over a skill an example practice question is displayed. Start a free trial to get you and your pupils using the maths practice, competitions and problem solving in 4to12maths.com.

Key Stage: (groupings of years in school)


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