4 to 12 Maths
My 3 kids were fighting to get on the computer last night to do Maths. I think its brilliant - they even missed X-factor to do Maths!


Improving Maths and Empowering Parents

Make learning Maths fun and effective

Although our children attend school for many years, we believe that as parents, we are our children’s primary educators. In all areas of their education, we want to help them as much as we can. Yet there are some subjects, like maths, which are harder to promote than others. While there are many situations – counting money in the supermarket, or measuring ingredients in the kitchen – which encourage your child to practice maths, it’s hard to adapt every lesson from the classroom to their life. Maths can be very theoretical and difficult to promote in every-day situations.

4to12maths.com solves this problem. Here’s how...

  • We are a ‘Structured Learning’ website. We follow the Primary School Curriculum of England, Wales, Scotland and NI. As your child practices maths on our website, it complements what is being taught at school.

  • 4to12maths.com is built around key areas: Practice, Assess, Compete, Report, Awards and Focused Learning. No other website offers this complete and systematic approach.

  • While 4to12maths.com is easy-to-use and child-friendly, it’s not a game. There’s no animation, or sounds. Instead, your child will perform mathematical tasks and will be rewarded for their efforts.

  • As the website issues reports, your child’s maths level will become transparent. Your understanding of their level will allow you to focus their attention  on specific skills thus ensuring improvement.

  • We charge an annual subscription which can be paid monthly or yearly. This guarantees that there’s no advertising or other distractions. Also, we’re not a ‘Social Network’ site. One child cannot email another, nor can anybody else – from other websites or chat rooms – contact the children.

  • Each child learns at their own pace, one skill at a time. And as they are working their way through the Primary School Curriculum, there are no wasted exercises.

  • When an account is opened for a child, the parent gets a free account too. This allows parents to become familiar with the many aspects of 4to12maths.com and the curriculum itself.

Maths in the home leads to academic success

There’s plenty of research which shows that if a child’s learning is encouraged at home, they stand a better chance of achieving academic success. We believe that by spending ten minutes a day, it can benefit your child greatly.

It does this in some important ways...

  • Children will learn and revise maths problems which they encounter in school. Yet unlike school, they’ll do so in their own time, and under your supervision.

  • You will become acutely aware of how your child is progressing. If they are weak in one area, you can focus on it specifically. We believe that you shouldn’t have to wait for an annual report to assess your child’s progress.

  • While holidays are an important time in a child’s life, it’s vital that your child doesn’t fall behind. 4to12maths.com can halt the phenomenon of ‘Summer Regression’. By making maths fun and rewarding for your children, they can keep up their interest and understanding of maths during holidays.

While 4to12maths.com helps children to become confident at maths, it also empowers parents who have difficulties with the subject. Depending on when you were in school, the syllabus might have changed considerably. There are new concepts and confusing terminology. However, with 4to12maths.com, you can keep one step ahead of your children’s lessons by completing the tests yourself. This will save you time when it comes to homework and give you more confidence in educating your child.


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