4 to 12 Maths
My 3 kids were fighting to get on the computer last night to do Maths. I think its brilliant - they even missed X-factor to do Maths!



Helping Teachers help Pupils’ Maths

Complementing your Maths teaching

We believe that 4to12maths.com is a valuable addition to the classroom. Unlike other websites, ours is based on the Primary School Curriculum and is the perfect complement to your teaching. Our website isn’t a substitute for teachers, but a way of helping you in your job.

Here’s how 4to12maths will help you...

  • By using 4to12maths.com in the school's computer room or on a laptop in the classroom your student's maths will improve. This is the most important reason to use 4to12maths.com.

  • Teachers tell us that there is a lack of credible educational sites for their students to use during their allotted time in the computer room. Not anymore.

  • 4to12maths.com generates specific reports per pupil. This allows you to focus on specific learning difficulties. It’s also very useful when briefing parents.

  • And when used at home too, it encourages parents to help their children. The more a child practices maths at home, the quicker they will learn in the classroom.

Key features that make Maths fun and effective

While it may be daunting to allow children as young as four to spend time at a computer, 4to12maths.com has been specially developed to keep their attention. As we are a subscription site, there’s no advertising, nor are there links to other websites. Once they are logged on, there’s nowhere else they can navigate to.

Also, we’re not a ‘Social Network’ site. One child cannot email another, nor can anybody else – from other websites or chat rooms – contact the pupils. These features ensure that the time spent is productive, fun and focused on key areas thus maximising their knowledge.

They are...

  • Practice. Over time, a child can practice any aspect of the maths curriculum until they have mastered each skill.

  • Report. 4to12maths.com gives the teacher a report detailing every aspect of one child, or the entire classrooms, progress. This is an invaluable report which allows the teacher, on a regular basis, to ensure that each child understands every aspect of the syllabus.

  • Awards. When a child performs well, they should be rewarded. 4to12maths.com motivates children by allowing you to personalise awards.

  • Focused Learning. If a child has problems with an aspect of the syllabus, a teacher can use 4to12maths.com to focus their attention in this area.

  • Compete. An added dimension to the website allows a child, with permission, to compete with other users of the website, locally or abroad

  • Problem Solving (Beta).  Structured around Sports topics (with others to come) a child can earn badges after answering questions. A good way to challenge and stretch pupils and enhance their logic and rasoning skills.
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